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Heating controller for 1 heating circuit or boiler temperature control

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Siemens RVL480

Key functions Weather-compensated flow temperature control, with or without room influence 6 preprogrammed plant types are provided Plant system Control of a mixing valve serving a heating zone (space heating) Control of a burner (1- or 2-stage) Control of a valve in the primary return of a heating zone with district heat connection Demand-dependent control (precontrol) of a mixing valve / of the boiler temperature / of a heat exchanger (heat demand signal via data bus) Additional functions The RVL480 offers the following functions (no submodules or extra devices required): Display of parameters, actual values, operating states and fault status signals 7-day program with 3 heating periods per day 2 additional programs, each with 3 switching periods per day Automatic summer/winter changeover Holiday program (up to 8 holiday periods per year) Optimum start/stop in accordance with the heating program (with or without room influence) Automatic ECO function, depending on the outside temperature and the type of building construction Optional remote selection of operating modes (via room unit or external switch) Scalable DC 0…10 V output for passing on the heat request to other devices Quick setback and boost heating Preselection of flow temperature setpoint via external contact Minimum and maximum limitation of the flow temperature Minimum and maximum limitation of the return temperature (shifting / constant) Maximum limitation of the room temperature Communication with other devices via the data bus Limitation of the return temperature differential (DRT) for district heat applications Frost protection and pump protection Flow temperature alarm

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